2019 August 18th

Server Update v1.17

Max grade of reborns extended to 70
Reborn (40-70) rewards added
Nickname colors for 50+ Reborns changed
All guilds were registered to Castle War
Castle War time: Sunday 22:00 (/servertime)
Demon Valley (10+ Reborn) area added
Overlord Valley (Free for All) area added
Overlord Minions spawns automated (Every 4 hours)
Overlord Titans spawns automated (Every 12 hours)
Mirrors droprate reduced

2019 August 6th

Server Update v1.16

G110-G140 Weapons crafting (Moon, Sun orbs) fixed
Castle War has been added
Castle War Gear (G70) has been added
Castle War Manager added to Core Fort
Castle War Gate teleport added to Manager
G110+ Accessories Enchantment max grade increased to G6
Special Enchantments description fixed
High EB scroll removed from Scrolls Package

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Server Features
EXP: x500
Droprate: Custom
Max level: 120
Reborn at Level 120
Level after reborn 90
Max gear: G140