2019 January 8th

Server Update

Newcomer Bonus! Level 80-90 EXP Increased +300%
Starting Level changed to 80
Starting Gear changed to G80 + 3rd Job Package
Christmas Event has ended
Treasure Hunt Event has started
Golden Key (event item) added
Fragments of Jupiter Orbs added
Jupiter Orb enchantment added
Orb Trader NPC updated
[Crafting] Beryl Ore added
[Crafting] Lead Ore added
(New gear crafting coming up the next update)
Christmas Tree, Santa, Snowman removed
Letters removed from drops and inventory
General PWW skill bug has been fixed

2019 December 24th

Server Update

Lizard Valley safe-zones fixed
Amount of monsters increased in Lizard Valley
Christmas Presents rewards updated
4 New Quests have been added:
Quest [Level 110 Reborn 1+] added
Quest [Level 90 Reborn 3+] added
Quest [Level 100 Reborn 3+] added
Quest [Level 110 Reborn 3+] added
Lucky Root, Key of Paralysis, Vice Hide, Cube of Potency added
3 New areas have been added:
Rockhall Valley [Level 90 Reborn 3+] added
Lavaland [Level 100 Reborn 3+] added
Blackcrest [Level 110 Reborn 3+] added

2019 December 8th

X-mas Update

Core Fort has been updated
Innocent Valley safe-zones fixed
ASC 3rd job PVP damage increased
Christmas Tree has been added!
Santa, Snowman added to Core Fort
Christmas Event has started!
Collect letters to complete Christmas quests!
Event Letters added to all areas

2019 November 26th

Server Update

Starting Level changed to 70
Starting Gear Changed to G70 + 3rd Job Package
Dungeon 3 F2 EXP doubled, spawns and increased
Lizard Valley EXP increased, spawns doubled
5 new PVP Tournaments added in CW gear [F1 menu]
New rewards added for PVP Tournament winners
Item restrictions added to PVP Tournaments
PVP Reward Points added (leaderboard comming up)
Lottery Boxesfixed
Casino Chips droprate increased
Dungeon 6 Textures updated (much brighter)
Daily Boss Events added (18:00, 20:00, 22:00)
G100 / G105 Drops added to Innocent Valley
Crafting Ores droprate doubled in Paradise, Innocent Valley
Soul Destruction PVP damage increased
ASC 3rd job skills PVP damage increased

2019 November 21st

Server Update

Hidden Valleyamount of mobs increased
Paradise Valleyamount of mobs increased
Innocent Valleyamount of mobs increased
Mobs sight increased in Certificate areas
Dungeon 2spawns reworked! 40 new spawns
Innocent Valley #2Area added
The Grim Reaper Summoner Fixed
Lottery Systemadded (Time-Scheduled)
Lottery Registration added to F1
9 Lotteries added (Daily)
Lottery and Ticket prizes info added to F1

2019 November 17th

Server Update

All of the guilds have been registered for Castle War
Suit Craftman has been temporary disabled
Droplisthas been added to Teleporter
Critical Medicineshave been added
Critical Medicines disabled in PVP
Critical Medicine drops added to The Grim Fortress
Guard of the Grim ReaperSpawns automated!
Necklace, Heart, Horn of The Grim Reaperdrops added to guards

2019 November 14th

Server Update

Amount of monsters increased in Valley of Greenwell
Valley of Greenwell EXP doubled
Lizard Valley EXP increased
[Gem of Speed]droprate increased
The Grim Reaper Summoner NPC has been added
Grim Reaper Guards have been added
[Key of the Grim Fortress]has been added
(Quest) The Grim Beastadded
Purified element drops added to Element Masters (66%)
Element Masters respawn time reduced (2h)
Grim Beast Fortress has been added

2019 November 13th

Server Update

Safe-zone in Core Fort has been fixed
Valley of Greenwell teleport fixed
Valley of Greenwell mob spawns fixed
Lizard Valley safezones fixed

2019 November 12th

Server Update

Crafting Ores droprate increased in some areas
1st Reborn Buffs Potion reward fixed
Reborn reward tickets fixed
Valley of Greenwelladded (RB 1+)
Greenwell Ghost spawns added
Lizard Valleyadded (RB 1+)
Dungeon 6 Teleport added (leveling areas)
Last Man Standingarea updated
Level 100 (RB 1) Quest fixed.
Fishing rewards fixed (Talismans)
Bosses geons droprate increased
Geons drops added to all Bosses
More spawns added to Dungeon 2 Hall 2

2019 November 9th

Major Update

Paradise Valley, Hidden Valley EXP increased!
Innocent Valley has been added
Lizard Spawns added to Innocent Valley
Certificates droprate increased in Sacred Island, Soul Reef
Password Change added to User Panel
Casino Chips droprate increased +70%
DSS Droprate increased +50%
G110-G140 Crafting Materials droprate increased +50%
Qigong, Perforation Shots droprate increased +30%
Arrow Explosion PVE damage increased

2019 November 7th

Server Update

Teleporter Boss 2nd page fixed
Paradise Valley (Time-limited area level 100+) has been added
Paraside Valley Certificates drop in 100+ areas, Doggebbi Lord, F10
Sacred Island (Level 100+) has been added
Baked Eel and Eel Soups fixed
Certificate Prices fixed at DC store
Counter Offensive Skill damage increased
Bombing damage increased
Amount of Monsters in Hidden Valley increased
Golden Coin NPC bug fixed
CJB Speed-Up skill upgraded to G5 at level 70

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Server Features
EXP: x1000
Droprate: Custom
Max level: 120
Reborn at Level 120
Level after reborn 90
Max gear: G140